HealthWorx is a concierge/direct primary care (DPC) practice. What is concierge/direct primary care practice?

Our practice is structured to emphasize and prioritize the power of doctor-patient relationship to improve health outcomes and lower overall health care costs. For our services, members pay HealthWorx directly in the form of monthly payments/subscription fee. Our practice provides enhanced services over traditional fee-for-service primary care practice. This allows us to focus on the needs of the patient and improving their health rather than coding and billing for insurance reimbursement. This allows us to spend more time with our members, both in face-to-face visits, and through Telehealth or electronic communications for seemless access to YOUR primary care physician.

Concierge/direct primary care (DPC) practice is re-inventing wheel of doctor-patient relationship! By limiting the number of patients by charging monthly subscription fee, HealthWorx provider can establish a true, meaningful relationship with you. Each visit is not limited to 10 minutes and only 1 complaint as with traditional practice. The visit with HealthWorx provider may be 30-90 minutes based on need and some medical issues can be addressed over Telehealth. With less patients to see, HealthWorx providers can spend more time during each visit, address and answer all medical questions. HealthWorx will not bill your insurance for any visits.

Your HealthWorx primary care provider (PCP) will be by your side and be your advocate to navigate the ever evolving and complicated maze of health care. We are primary care at YOUR convenience.

Our providers availability of extraordinary care connection not based on and limited to diagnosis and treatment but instead framed as an annual effort toward improved health outcomes.

Get primary care that revolves around you.

Primary care physician on your side. Seamless connection for members to your primary care physician.

Multiple services within one location for your convenience.

Our goal is to treat and care for you as we would for our own family.

Recent studies have shown that compared to a traditional practice, patient enrolled with concierge/direct primary care practice (DPC) had:

  • 54% reduction in emergency room claims.
  • 25% fewer hospital admissions.
  • 13% reduction in total cost of claims.
  • A cost savings example reported in article in PubMed Central showed that “with the county government in Union County, NC. It saved more than $1.2 million in medical and prescription drug claims under its first-year contract with its DPC solution.”
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We care for everything from minor acute illnesses to chronic medical conditions. We are also here to help with preventive illness and maintain your health at an optimal level.