Membership Fees

Your membership fees are designed to be suitable for funding by HSA, FSA, HRA and MSA funds, and may be suitable for employer funding. Check with your tax expert or plan coordinator to confirm, as everyone's tax species or plan requirements may vary.

Ages 18-39 Years Old
$ 149 / Month
Ages 40-65 Years Old
$ 169 / Month
Over 65 Years Old
$ 189 / Month
Included in Membership Fee

We are your primary care physician.

Membership fees covers ongoing routine diagnostic exams, supported by ongoing high-connection communications, providing you extraordinary care connection all year aimed to improve your health outcome.

Availability of extraordinary care connection not based on and limited to diagnosis and treatment but instead framed as an annual effort toward improved health outcomes.

Healthcare Advocacy
Not just your physician, true partner in your healthcare journey.  Your primary care provider will be by your side and be your advocate to help you navigate complicated healthcare maze, even if you are admitted to the hospital.  We will guide you and your family through complex health related decisions. If you are ever hospitalized, our care communication support will continue to support you on an ongoing basis.

HealthWorx @ Home
Our unique and exclusive program. When appropriate, for minor acute illness, daily Telehealth visit from physician to check up on you, transitions of care after discharge from hospital to ensure continuity of care, provide guidance at your home. Sometimes if needed, we might be able to arrange for IV medication infusion at home if covered by your insurance for the cost of medication as well as home health care.

Connect with Your PCP via Text
Connect with your primary care provider over text/chat, seamless connection of medical service anywhere, anytime, save time by asking questions directly. Connect with your primary care at the tip of your finger. Ongoing routine exam support constitutes 24/7 ongoing electronic communication availability to help patients achieve routine exams goals.

Same-Day/Next Day Appointment
Due to our limited patient panel and detachment from insurance plan reimbursement requirements, you will experience same or next day appointments and unhurried visits via in-person or ongoing care connection with electronic communication if appropriate.

No Rushed Appointment
We will take time to discuss concerns, work up if needed, diagnosis and treatment plan. A better healthcare experience.  

All other Primary Care physician services for ages 18 and over.
We will work with your insurance to find additional in-network care if needed. Get the most out of your health insurance plan. We intentionally avoid framing our cash services as covered services and frame all of our services as a combo of routine exams and related ongoing communication support to help achieve improved preventative care outcomes—we handle any diagnosis or treatment within that framework and decline insurance reimbursement funds because we don’t want to bother.

HealthWorx Drug Discount Card
We have partnered with SaveOnRx to provide drug discount card that can be used at thousands of pharmacy nationwide. Prescription drugs through this discount card at times will be cheaper than your insurance. Click below to compare prices.
HealthWorx RX

Discounted Services
HealthWorx members will have exclusive access to discounted pricing for several other services including pain and wellness, med spa, aesthetics and more services to be added over time.

More services to be added as we grow to include in membership. Recruiting and negotiating more discounted services exclusively for our members.

Transparent Fee
If an in-office test is needed that costs more than $20, we will bill you the cost of test what we paid, no admin fee. We will let you know the cost of the test ahead of time if needed and discuss it before using it.

Traditional Practice
Healthcare Advocacy
HealthWorx at Home
Connect with PCP via Text
No Rushed Appointment
Help with Navigating Health System
Same Day/Next Day Appointment
Some Offers Telehealth
Multiple Other Services at Same Location with Exclusive Discounted Prices for Members
Seamless Connection to Your PCP
Can Take Days for PCP to Respond
Transparent Fee
Minor In-Office Testing Included
Available to You via Telehealth Even if You are Out of Town
Exclusive Discounted Price on Other Services

Contact us for more information and see how we can provide primary care service to your employees and make their lives healthy.

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Zion Healthshare Plan

Looking for an alternative health plan other than health insurance that will not break your bank and provide medical coverage when needed?

Combine the power of HealthWorx primary care membership with Zion Healthshare for your health and wellness and provide financial coverage when needed the most.

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