Wellness PLUS Weight Loss Program

Weight loss program with Semaglutide.

Under guidance of Primary Care Physician of HealthWorx with comprehensive wellness evaluation.

Schedule meet and greet to discuss details and package available.

Program Total Cost: $2200

Initial Telehealth Visit with HealthWorx physician to discuss the program. If you wish to sign up, you must pay a $500 upfront fee (Non-refundable once labs are drawn).

Weight Loss Program Includes: Administered by Impact Health and Wellness

  • Weekly Impact Health and Wellness provider Check-Ins
  • Weekly Semaglutide Injections

Add additional IV and IM injections as below: Recommended 1 month after starting Weight Loss Program.

Lipo-C Booster injection: $35
Boost energy and increases metabolism, helps convert food to energy, decreases muscle recovery time. Contains: Inositol, Cholin, Vitamin B12, pyridoxine (Vitamin B6).

Metabolism Turbocharge IV infusion: $149
Help your body burn fat more efficiently, kick your metabolism into high gear, increase energy levels and support healthy weight management and hormone function, stabilized blood sugar levels and reduces inflammation. Contains: B12, B-complex vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6), Taurine – 1000 ml fluid IV infusion.

Disclaimer: Lab evaluation could lead to new diagnosis or abnormality that may require further investigation (not included in this program). No imaging studies (CT, MRI, Ultrasound etc) are included in this program, which might be needed based on evaluation. This evaluation is a snapshot of your health, an insight into your overall health which can help with management of health and wellness. We cannot provide these services to anyone that is pregnant.

You will have access to all findings and notes from HealthWorx physician to share with your primary care physician.