What is Eco-Therapy?

What is Eco-Therapy?
Studies have shown that being outdoors and being in nature can reduce stress level, relax our sympathetic nervous system and help us feel less under threat and anxious.

Eco-therapy is defined as humans are deeply connected to the world and nature around us, our body has an affinity to be outdoors in order to feel relaxed and reduce stress level.  Human body has a tendency to explore nature around us as it can positively impact her mental health.

Eco-therapy is a prescription to help with anxiety, reducing stress level and overall feeling of wellbeing.  Enjoy the local natural environment, parks, green spaces and wildlife around you.

Studies have shown that as little as 20 minutes being in nature can have lasting impact on both mental and physical wellbeing when consistently practiced.

How much time should I spend in nature to be beneficial?
Eco-therapy can be flexible, the main idea is to be outdoors.  Everyone can have a different understanding of being in nature. One person can just take a brisk walk to a local market, coffee shop, whereas another person might need a trip outside of bustling city near park, body of water or hiking trail. Being out in nature could be defined differently from one person to the other. For many people, even being indoors but having windows open, allowing a lot of natural light can also help. Activities that can engage all your senses in whatever means possible.

Enjoy any outdoor activity that brings you enjoyment and relaxation.
Sometimes try something different to change the pace.
Outdoor activities could be as simple as a walk, gardening or as intense as outdoor sports, swimming, running can all be beneficial.
Even as simple as drawing, journaling while being outside can be beneficial.

Start with 20 minutes a day, try some activities below.
Start by walking.
Have a morning drink outside if the weather permits.
Any breaks during the day, can you get outside for a little while.
Try to get some plants in your garden, take care of them.
Walk with your pets.
Step outside during sunset or sunrise.
If possible, work outside if able to take a laptop outside.
Enjoying a book, podcast or audiobook while sitting outside or walking.
Walk to your nearest local market, coffee shop.
During winter months, create a space in your home that can have more natural sunlight.
Create a routine to include 20 minutes a day of being outside when possible.